do you like Ariana?

no. I could never like her after everything that has happened. But i’m glad that Jai is happy so let them be

i won’t be posting anything for a while bc i’ll be out of wifi :/

“My balls are gonna shrivel up like little sluts” — Beau on the Ice Bath Challenge

drunk Luke is cute af


every time we do a meet and greet i get so nervous because it always gets shut down and i hate seeing everyone leave so disappointed, especially to those who have waited in line for hours and hours. it really does break my heart when i see my girls upset and disappointed and i get scared you will hate us. i wish there were a way we could’ve met everyone who came to new york and also those who came to our meet and greet in LA, it was devastating to see you guys leave without a smile on your face. in saying that, it is still so overwhelming to me that you are so excited to meet us, us 5 average kids from glenroy who are nothing without you all. absolutely nothing but average teenagers. your support means everything to me and us, and i hope we can make you smile on a day to day basis and i just really love you all, i ship our whole fandom together because we are all sexy cunts. cheers!